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Hotel/ Club Security

V.P. Security have dedicated and specialized security team who handle hotel security for our clients. We manned guarding and mobile patrolling team are known for their excellence when it comes to Hotel Security and premises mobile patrol.

Thieves and criminals tend to target hotels and their parking areas, looking for opportunities to steal from the customers. Our security personnel are professionally trained to handle such situations and prevent such incidents to happen.

All of our security services have their own dedicated staff, making sure that you get the best possible security you would ever need. All our security staff is trained, professional, responsible and highly competent when it comes to providing security services.

Our mobile patrol team make sure that the hotel premises are fully secured and monitored at all times to prevent any damage to the property or any unauthorized access of the property. Our mobile patrol is attentive at all times and make sure that there is no suspicious activity going on in the area.

Our security team is always in continuous contact with our head offices, updating them of everything making sure that they are doing their job properly and help can be arranged easily whenever and wherever required. Our security staff is trained to escort staff, customers and general public in case of emergency to make sure that everyone is safe and sound at all times.

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