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We believe in the continuous up-gradation, expansion and enhancement of our course of action regarding the Security Services that we provide in order to fulfill the expectations of our customers. Although we have been in the security industry for over a decade and know the ins and outs of the security services one would ask for, yet to ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction we have developed a customer satisfaction questionnaire which includes comments from our valued customers pertaining to any areas that we could improve. Apart from this we have also assigned our account managers to meet with our customers on a monthly basis enabling us to analyse their levels of satisfaction on an informal basis.

We invest in the thorough analysis of our customer’s expectation so that we are well prepared for any needs that may occur during our tenure.

Customer Service

At V.P. security company we understand that our Security Staff needs to be customer friendly and cooperative so that they are well aware of the concerns that our customers might have while performing their duties. Our security staff exactly knows how to take full charge of the premises in order to keep it safe from the intruders as well as in case of any emergency that may arise. Our security staff can take the lead with complete authority. V.P. security staff is immaculately dressed in our particular uniform which is again a visible deterrent for the trespassers to keep them away from the properties of our clients. V.P. security company provides an exceptional customer services which makes us the top priority of our customers.

Service Level Agreement

V.P. Security company acts in accordance with the service level agreement that we have with our clients. We deliver our security services without any delays along with our highly trained, smartly dressed and good nature security guards. We carry out Risk Assessment for more information about the sites for our officers and they are also given assignment instructions in detail.


V.P. security company provides meticulous training program to our staff. We make sure that our security staff is well informed in the following areas of service:

  • Health and Safety

  • First Aid

  • Dealing with Emergencies

  • Licensing Law

  • Fire Safety

  • Role and Responsibilities of Security Personnel

  • Customer Care and Social Skills

  • Procedures for the Control of Keys

  • Communication

  • Reporting

  • Patrolling

  • Searching

  • Reception Skills

  • Use of Technology

  • Crowd Control



All 1st nationwide security officers are regularly checked by the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and are licensed by the Goverment.

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