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Construction Security

Construction sites are vulnerable to security risks as they look like an open invitation for not only people with bad intentions but also for children in the area, who might think of construction site as their own little playground. All this can lead to either loss or theft of expensive machinery, inventory and construction material or can also lead to hazardous situation for others. If left without supervision, construction sites can only act as a danger zone to general public and this can only go bad way.


We at V.P. Security understand that better than anyone else as we have specialized security staff, who are professionally trained for such security precautions.

When your staff finish off their day and leave for homes, our security guards take the charge and make sure that everything and everyone is safe on their watch. The complete construction site is made secure and danger free zone using manned security guarding, mobile patrols and/or CCTV surveillance and monitoring.

When you choose to select  V.P. Security for any of our Security Services, we make sure that you sit back and relax, knowing that you have done everything to be on the safe side and we will make sure we deliver all that and more. Our mobile patrols and manned guarding services survey and monitor the premises throughout the night and keep in constant contact with their head offices informing them with all the details.

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